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Having trouble navigating the complex world of IT and Communications?

Property & Real Estate Communications & IT

Elevate your sales and operations with a cloud-based communications & IT system from Bluecube.

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The art of communication is definitely not lost in the property sector

In order to be competitive, we have to find better ways to use technology to communicate with our clientele than anyone else and deliver the best experience they’ve ever had. 

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Get ultrafast internet so your team can be more effective and your residents can benefit from the benefits of streaming and video calling their loved ones.

Unified Communications

Communicate more effectively, both internally and externally, with a modern solution that handles your calls, packed with important features like call forwarding and IVR.


Manage your workforce remotely with dedicated business mobiles that give you the best coverage and help you to manage and monitor usage.

Managed IT

Protect your business, workforce and service users with robust IT systems that ensure you have the right infrastructure for a growing business.

Gain the competitive edge

Stand head and shoulders above the competition with a standout communications experience, enabled through advanced Unified Communications solutions. Seamlessly connect people to your business over voice and video and make use of advanced features like IVRs and call forwarding to enable smoothness. 

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Innovate with Web RTC

Web RTC enables web chat directly with your team from QR codes and web links, ultimately enabling much faster connection with your team and much greater capacity to handle enquiries. The suite of services offered will help you to access valuable data on customers and support the execution of valuable sales and service journeys. 

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Manage Performance and Quality

With features like call recording and transcribing, you can ensure your calls are compliant and of the highest quality. We partner with a range of leading software providers, like Akixi, to give you live dashboards that help you to see how your team is performing and how calls are being handled.

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Masons & Partners LLP

Helping a leading chartered surveyors to upgrade to unified communications and high-speed internet.

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Simon Williams - Managing Director

“ The customer service, instant support and feeling that you are dealing with individuals who truly care about your business is second to none. Highly recommended.“